We provide all natural and powered ventilation systems that comply with BS EN12101, ensuring that the products meet the highest standards and comply with local fire regulations to meet building requirements and project regulations. From raw material procurement to production to finished products, every link is strictly controlled, so We can ensure the quality and performance reliability of all the products we manufacture.

We have a continuously innovative R&D team and excellent manufacturing technology. You can use Vanman's product system with confidence. We have ISO 9001 product design and manufacturing quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and ISO 45001 professional management system to support us in providing safety and health. The purpose of everything is to ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of product performance and promote the high-quality development of product systems.

Our product testing is integrated with the manufacturing process, and our R&D team uses state-of-the-art technical software for evaluation and (CFD) simulations, as well as independent accredited testing agencies for environmental testing (wind, rain, snow) and safety testing (load and impact) to ensure that the product systems we provide are the most effective, safe, and stable building solutions,

In addition, our CFD engineers can use our product systems to simulate various aspects of a building's performance, which allows us to further improve our solutions if needed.