Smoke Control System

The complete smoke exhaust system includes control system, drive system and window system. When selecting the smoke exhaust system, Setting the performance parameters and qualification requirements of each system to ensure the safety of the smoke exhaust system in emergency situations.

Metal Louver System

The Vanman rainproof ventilation louver system has passed the testing and certification of the AMCA500 standard in the United States, and can accept customized development and testing services for the product

German Drive System

WERO has been established in Germany for 62 years and has an Environmental Declaration (EPD) for electric and pneumatic drive products. WERO is a founding member of the expert group of associations such as ZVEI, VFE, RWA, and others in Germany

Noise Control System

The noise control system perfectly solves the problem of noise control on vertical walls and horizontal roofs. It achieves rainproof and ventilation functions while attenuating noise, protects important equipment well, and extends the service life of equipment.

Maintenance System

The opening form of SEH escape exit is single opening, double opening, sliding, manual or electric opening, used for roof, floor passage, pipe gallery and other positions, with functions such as personnel evacuation, maintenance, fire smoke exhaust, ventilation, etc

Rubber Floor System

Fireproof, flame-retardant, resistant to cigarette burns, excellent stain resistance, easy maintenance, anti slip, safety, excellent chemical resistance, shock absorption, sound absorption, permanent elasticity, comfortable walking, good stability, wear-resistant and durable, diverse colors, and multifunctional