Safety: Safety is our top priority on every job, we develop a site specific safety plan for each installation project, before starting any work on a new project we assess the risks associated with the job, we check building heights, Roof slope, weather conditions, etc. to obtain a complete construction scene, and then write a safety plan for the project, detailing the work challenges, required preventive measures, etc., and strive to achieve "zero accidents" on site.

Quality: We have studied various types of roofs, including high roofs, steep roofs and roofs with limited access. This also includes the installation of roof skylights such as standing seam roofs and modular roofs. We have sufficient project management and installation experience before the project starts. Our installation team conducts specific installation training for the project to ensure that the installation quality is carried out smoothly according to relevant standards. During this process, we ensure that the supply cycle, installation cycle, and debugging cycle are completed in advance, and the equipment provided during installation will meet the requirements of project management. , we conduct regular quality inspections and strive to obtain installation quality without hidden dangers.

Debugging: Correctly debug the system and its related control and auxiliary equipment, and record the debugging results in the debugging white paper. After debugging, provide systematic training to the equipment operators until the operators can operate the system correctly, and then conduct effective regular inspections. Maintenance will ensure that these systems continue to operate effectively over time. Natural smoke control and natural ventilation systems play an important role in protecting buildings, people and their contents. Smoke extraction systems must be checked from time to time to see if they are operating effectively. This is crucial.