Smoke Control System

    Surpass Series

    Equipment Description:

    u The Surpass series is divided into SWH model and SWT model.The main functions are natural smoke exhaust, ventilation, and lighting.  It is suitable for various types of roofs.It is durable and reliable.

    u Window frames are connected by extrusion or movable corner codes.The use of profile diversion grooves for drainage and the bottom frame's upward vertical structure is waterproof,and it has a structure for collecting condensed water and discharging condensed water, achieving the function of waterproofing in the physical structure.WO, WT can be designed as single or double leaf.

    u Optional anti-falldrop system

    u Electric or pneumatic drive

    u 16mm polycarbonate plateand 10 mm polycarbonate board + 6 mm solid PC plate

    u System designed to meet the standard requirements of EN 12101-2 and VDS 2159