Smoke Control System

    Pro Series

    Equipment Description

    The Pro series is divided into PUH type and PMT type, with the main function of natural smoke exhaust and natural ventilation, which is suitable for various types of roofs.  The Pro series can effectively block the sunlight, reduce the energy loss of the building, save energy and protect the environment, and use aluminum and stainless steel panels to enhance the wind pressure resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation performance of the whole window.  PUH and PMT types can be designed for single or double leaf opening, and can be optionally with broken bridge heat insulation frame, anti-falldrop system, electric or pneumatic drive.  The panels are filled with 30mm, 50mm or 100mm heat insulation mineral wool.  Extremely low U-values.

    The system is designed to conform to the standards of EN 12101-2 and VDS 2159