Metal Louver System


    Equipment Description :

    VPL is a curved structure louver based on aerodynamic aerodynamics, which produces extremely low pressure loss on the gas velocity. Its main function is used for equipment barrier, blocking vision, reducing the penetration of rainwater, complementary air outlet, etc. . The curved structure accelerates the exchange of air flow, which gives more fresh air to the equipment, blocks the sunlight from the equipment, minimizes the heat generated by the operation of the equipment itself and the light. It can also be used for shading and decoration of the building, etc.

    Equipment Description :

    The VDL is electrically or pneumatically driven and can control the rotation of the blades to effectively close and open the opening. When open 90 degrees, the air flow is maximum, and when in closed state, the blades are equipped with EPDM sealing components, which can effectively close the openings to reject energy loss and achieve a completely sealed state. It can also block 100% of rainwater from entering the room, and can be used as air intake, air exhaust and smoke exhaust of the building.