Smoke Control System

    Apollo Series

    Equipment Description

    The Apollo series is divided into AMH model, AMT triangular model, and A-Sunlight model. The main functions are natural smoke exhaust, ventilation, and lighting. It is suitable for various types of roofs, durable and reliable. It can be optional with broken bridge heat insulation aluminium frame, can be designed as single or double leaf opening.

    EPDM is installed between the daylighting panels and the aluminum frame, which has better airtightness, watertightness, heat insulation and sound insulation, and rejects the contact of indoor and outdoor cold and hot air, reducing the occurrence of condensed water to the greatest extent. the daylighting panels is easy to disassemble and replace.

    The whole window has no screws and sealant structure, with specialized hinges and hidden installation.

    The angular design provides an elegant look.

    The U value is low, the standard product is 16mm polycarbonate panels, and the system design complies with the standard requirements of EN 12101-2 and VDS 2159


    Optional Accessories

    Anti-falldrop system

    Electric or pneumatic drive

    When closedmechanical seif-locking function

    Surface powder or PVDF increases the corrosion resistance of the structure

    Polycarbonate plate: any choice between 14mm-30mm thickness

    Glass: 5+12A+5+1.45PVB+5  or  6+12A+6+1.45PVB+6